Aramid Gland Packings

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Aramid Gland Packings

The main advantages of aramid packings are their high strength and low weight. Like graphite, the aramid packings have slightly negative thermal expansion axial coefficient which means that the dimensions of aramid packings can be made thermally stable.

Aramid packings we offer are made of Du Pont's continuous filament Kevlar yarn and often are impregnated with PTFE and or graphite emulsion and processed with lubricant. The strength and module of aramide packings is as high as the steel-like strength.

Like graphite, the aramid packings are resistant to impact and abrasion. Combined with other materials such as epoxy the aramid packings can be made waterproof.

Aramid fibres can be used as a composite which retains its flexibility with rubber. High tensile modulus and low breakage elongation along with very high chemical resistance make it the best alternative for difficult industrial applications.

The aramid packing compared with other kinds of braided packings can resist more severe media and higher pressure. It can be installed separately or as end rings with other kinds of packing to combine different characteristics into seals packing ring seal.

Aramid packing has a high degree of resiliency and consistency of volume and hence avoids frequent gland adjustments. Aramid (Kevlar) Low thermal expansion characteri stics under actual operating conditions reduce mechanical pressure against shaft sleeves to minimize abrasion effect.