Ceramic Fiber Cloth

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Ceramic fiber cloth

Ceramic Fiber cloth is produced from high purity aluminosilicate material through strictly controlled high temperature furnace melting and fiberizing process. The fiber is white and odorless, suitable for high temperature applications up to 1100°C. Commonly used Ceramic Fiber products except cloth include tape, rope, braid, tubing, paper, blanket, etc.

Main Characteristics and Specs

Lightweight,  low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, excellent handling strength, low heat storage, thermal shock resistant, fire and flame proof, chemical resistant, compatible with most corrosive chemicals, commonly used acid and alkali (exceptions are hydrofluoric, phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalis).

Ceramic fiber cloth Typical Applications


  • High temperature insulation seals and gaskets
  • Protective blankets, curtains, covers, pads and wrapping
  • Expansion joint fabric, safety clothing