Cloth Inserted SBR Rubber

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Cloth Inserted SBR rubber

We deliver a wide selection of cloth inserted SBR rubber products. Cloth inserted SBR rubber sheeting is made with styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), a durable and economical elastomer with good abrasion resistance properties. For every 1.5 mm of thickness you will find one ply of fabric, ultimately reinforcing the rubber to provide excellent tear strength and abrasion resistance.

Cloth-inserted SBR rubber is commonly used for mechanical fastening and flanged gasket applications. Its durability makes cloth inserted SBR rubber suitable for use in air, hot water, low pressure steam, and hydraulic services.

Cloth inserted SBR rubber offers the same heat resistance and aging qualities as SBR rubber, with the added reinforcement of the inserted fabric. Cloth inserted SBR rubber is not recommended for applications requiring contact with ozone, strong acids, oils, greases, fats and most hydrocarbons.

We offer cloth inserted SBR rubber in a variety of lengths and widths, as well as cloth insert types and can accommodate custom requirements as needed. Our cloth inserted SBR rubber is an economical alternative to natural rubber products, and efficiently meets a wide-range of demands for numerous industries.