Coated Fabrics

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Coated Fabrics

High temperature technical fabrics with coating

Technical coated fabrics for high temperature industrial insulation as well as for fire and smoke protection are usually made of alkali free alumina borosilicate E-type glass fibre yarns. For the production of coated glass fibre fabrics the yarns used have a filament diameter of 9µm. We offer more than 50 types of coated glass fabrics for your specific application.

The high temperature coated glass fabrics are made from an extremely strong, lightweight, glass-based fabric that is treated with a number of compounds or treatments on either side or both. Increasing coating applied helps enhance the fabric's overall properties in ways such as improved operating temperature, increased longevity, or enhanced chemical resistance.

Our in-house industrial sewing skills allow us to produce a range of tailor-made cloth items such as belts, loops, chutes, bellows, coverings, covers, curtains, heat shields and high temperature insulation jackets. 

Application features which define the type of the coating can be - improved abrasion and cut resistance, flame-resistance, protection against liquid metal, etc. This requires to choose between materials such as PTFE coated glass fabric for heat sealing applications, Silicone coated glass fabric for insulation jacket manufacturing, and higher specification types such as Viton ® coated glass fabric for harsher work environments.

Our coated glass fabric types can be supplied in complete rolls, cut to small parts or forms, or assembled into items that match your demand.

The coated technical fabrics we offer are available in various thicknesses depending on the application. We offer materials for fire/smoke protection and thermal or acoustic insulation for almost any application: power, automotive, metal and aviation industries, shipbuilding, construction etc.