Commercial Grade Silicone

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Commercial grade silicone

Commercial grade silicone rubber sheets are installed where extreme temperature resistance is necessary. The physical properties of the general purpose silicone sheeting are not as important as its working temperature range. When it comes to working in extreme temperature ranges, it is hard to find something that beats high temperature silicone material  from -80 C up to 260 C.

It also serves an aesthetic function thanks to its red color. The red silicone commercial grade sheet can add a professional and unique look to the task it is being used for. We offer commercial silicone sheeting for custom fabrication so that you can have the right sheet product for your application.

The commercial grade silicone product has a durometer rating of 55-65. This medium grade rating means that the silicone rubber sheets feature a moderate level of flexibility and elasticity. This allows for the sheets to be used as seals, gaskets, and other commercial components with relative ease.