Corrugated Metallic Gaskets

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Corrugated Metallic Gaskets 
are produced of a corrugated carrier of steel and can be coated completely or partly according to the area of application with a layer on both sides.

The production of corrugated metallic gaskets is possible in many forms of circular rings, ovals as well as long ovals or frames.

There are lot of variants of corrugated gaskets. They may differ in form, so that both round as well as oval rings and elongated rings with bridges or various straps also exist. On the other hand, there are corrugated gaskets with and without support.

The enormous variation of this form of gasket means that it can be put to use in many different areas. Corrugated gaskets (including torque support) are in particular deployed wherever flexurally weak flanges are used.

We predominantly offer three basic variants in our assortment (a. Gaskets with sheet-like soft material support, b. With string supports or c. all-metal without support) that can where expedient also be supplied by us in different variations

Metallic corrugated gaskets
The Corrugated gaskets consist of a stainless steel wave stainless steel plate with a graphite foil seal seat on both sides. The graphite layers and metallic core profile are adjusted in such a way that a wave crest overlap of 0.1 to 0.2 mm is guaranteed in the restraint condition. This achieves a very low diffusion cross-section. In addition, there is also a high density of the graphite in these areas.

Very high tightness (σVU 0,01 = 22 MPa) of the Corrugated gaskets is already achieved at very low surface stress. Further features of the Corrugated gaskets are good adaptability and elastic recovery properties, blow-out safety, good stability and manageability. 

Shapes of corrugated gaskets can be circular, oval, rectangular, etc. Dimensions of the gaskets are available from 50 mm to 4000 mm according EN or ASME standard or in non-standard dimensions according to customer's request.

Material metal carrier: Steel - 1.1003, 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4541, 1.4571 
Materials layer : Graphite - PTFE - TANTALUM on request

Application limits:
Operating pressure max. 160 bar