Electrical Safety Matting

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Electrical Safety Matting

Electrical Safety MattingWe offer a wide range of electrical safety matting which is continiously tested to different voltage grades and standards to be suitable exactly for your application.

Our electrical safety rubber matting is made for electrical protection in any working environment and can save lifes while using equipment with high voltage.

Our electrical safety matting provides safe working environment, and helps you meet and comply with today’s rigorous health & safety standards.

The electrical safety matting as per standard IEC 61111, ASTM D178 and BS921 we offer is tested by external labs and meets the international safety standards.

These electrical safety matting products offer protection in the range of 1,000 – 36,000 volts depending on their version.

All of our electrical insulation matting have the regulation standard stamped on the reverse side of the roll at 1000mm intervals for better recognition.

ASTM D178 Electrical matting

This ASTM D178 electrical matting is a frequently purchased electrical safety item. Because of the spectrum of secure operating voltage the mats give, it is used in a multitude of sectors. All our  Electrical matting and pads are screened separately to guarantee they fulfill safety standards.

This electrical safety matting is stamped with the regulatory standard at 1000 mm rows on the opposite of the stick.

The mats ' top layer has a fine ribbed structure. This provides two main characteristics to our electrical matting ASTM D178. First, it provides the mats a superior surface area that helps with electrical charge distribution. Second, the good ribs offer excellent non-slip characteristics.

We offer ASTM D178 electrical matting in the following classes:

  • Class 1 – Dielectric voltage: 20,000 volts • Tested surface: 10,000 volts• Maximum safe operating voltage: 7,500 volts. 
  • Class 2 – Dielectric voltage: 30,000 volts • Tested surface: 20,000 volts• Maximum safe operating voltage: 17,500 volts. 
  • Class 3 – Dielectric voltage: 40,000 volts • Tested surface: 20,000 volts• Maximum safe operating voltage: 26,000 volts. 
  • Class 4 – Dielectric voltage: 50,000 volts • Tested surface: 40,000 volts• Maximum safe operating voltage: 36,000 volts.

BS921 Electrical matting

BS921:1976 Electrical matting is tested up to 15,000 Volts . This BS921 electrical matting is a rubber electrical safety material offering great performance.

With a suggested safety voltage of 650 volts, this matting is fully licensed and tested at 15,000 volts. Each particular electrical matting is screened separately to guarantee that it meets the safety standards of the high British standards.

Our electrical matting BS921 surface features a fine ribbed layout that gives two primary characteristics to our item.

First, the ribs generate a bigger surface area, which allows any electrical charge simpler for the pads to spread. The mats ' bottom features a finished cloth impression. Secondly the offer great protection against short circuits

Using high voltage devices, we design our BS921 electrical matting to provide great safety in any setting. Our safety matting for rubber offers a better operating environment for you. It also guarantees that you abide by rigorous norms of health and safety.

Electrical Safety Matting - BS921 – 650V Working

BS921 Matting–LV Switchboard Mats 15kV Tested 650V Working Voltage. This electrical safety matting is a high-quality ribbed rubber insulating matting that was previously licensed to fulfill British BS921/1976 standards (removed in 2013).

We design our BS921 electrical matting to provide great safety in any setting when using high voltage devices. Our safety matting for rubber offers a better operating environment for you. It also guarantees that you abide by rigorous norms of health and safety.

The now redundant British Standard BS921/1976 safety matting comes with the regulatory standard stamped at 1000 mm intervals on the top of the sheet.

The BS921 matting with a advised safety operating voltage of 650V is fully accredited and evaluated at 15kV.  It has on one hand a good ribbed, anti-slip texture motif and on the other hand a finishing touch of cloth.

In addition, the insulating matting has on one side a fine ribbed, anti-slip surface pattern and on the reverse side a cloth impression finish that ensures safe working conditions for people.

The British Standard BS921:1976 outlines the rubber matting specifications for electrical purposes and indicates the building materials, thickness, width and test requirements and results that are expected to meet the standard. BS921:1976 was discontinued in January 2013 because it contradicts the present UK domestic norm for electrical insulating matting of BS EN 61111:2009.


  • Supply that is fully traceable.
  • Back side regulatory branding.
  • Low maintenance costs
  •  Fully tested to Redundant British Standard
  •  Health & Safety regulation material
  •  Anti-Slip finish
General specification
Material: SBR/NR
  • Anti Slip, Electrical Safety, Safety Surfacing
  • Electrical Voltage Insulation Matting for Walkways
  • Electrical Voltage Insulation Matting for Construction sites
  • Electrical Voltage Insulation Matting for Assembly lines
  • Electrical Voltage Insulation Matting for Offices 
Size 10m x 0.91m x 9.5mm, 10m x 1.0m x 9.5mm, 10m x 1.2m x 9.5mm
Thickness 9.5 mm
Weight: 12 kg/m2
Color Black (Grey Colour Manufactured to Order)
Technical datasheet
Insulating Matting Part Number SM550
Application Electrical Safety, General Purpose, Health & Safety
Insulating Matting Product Description Anti-Slip Electrical Safety Matting
Thickness 9.5mm
Colour Black. Others available on request
Test Voltage 15kV
Working Voltage 650V
Insert Req No
Solid Yes
Drainage Holes No
Certification Formerly BS921/1976 (Withdrawn in 2013)
Weight 12kg/m²
Compound SBR/NR
Hardness (Shore A) 65º
Density (SG) 1.3
Tensile Strength 5 MPA
Elongation (Min) 250%
Abrasion Resistance 180mm³
Minimum Temperature -20ºC
Maximum Temperature +70ºC


IEC6111-2009 Electrical Matting

Our IEC 611111 electrical safety matting is tested to meet the global electrical safety requirements. This item provides 1,000–36,000 volt protection.

All our electrical insulation matting features the standard of regulation stamped at 1000 mm intervals on the opposite side of the matting.

The fine ribbed structure bottom layer of our electrical safety matting IEC 61111:2009 is a common option of its layout across many electrical safety boards as it provides an enhanced surface area for the mats, which allows reduce electrical discharge. The bottom includes a cloth impression pattern to add extra grip to the pads. 

Highly versatile, IEC6111-2009 Electrical Matting can be rolled for simple transport. You can also use conventional cutting tools to cut the pads to suit any zone size.

We can deliver this electrical safety matting IEC 61111 in multiple types for your optimal protection against multitude of voltage values based on category. This guarantees you get the ideal fit for safety to suit your distinctive needs.

Electrical Safety Matting - IEC 61111:2009 - CLASS 0 - 1,000 VOLTS

Electrical Safety Matting - IEC 61111:2009 - CLASS 1 - 7,500 VOLTS

Electrical Safety Matting - IEC 61111:2009 - CLASS 2 - 17,000 VOLTS

Electrical Safety Matting - IEC 61111:2009 - CLASS 3 - 26,500 VOLTS

Electrical Safety Matting - IEC 61111:2009 - CLASS 4 - 36,000 VOLTS