EPDM Fabric Reinforced

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EPDM Fabric reinforced

Cloth inserted EPDM rubber is a versatile polymer which allows a high degree of variation in compound design for both general and speciality purposes. 

Reinforced EPDM rubber sheet can be referred to as EPDM insertion, supported EPDM sheet and EPDM engineered fabrics/textiles. The cloth inserted EPDM material gives the polymer added dimensional stability in both directions. 

It is suitable for manufacturing of rubber diaphragms. From a manufacturers point of view, they share a high degree of technical similarities. 

Cloth inserted EPDM rubber can be delivered with single or multiple insertions, as well as in uncured reinforced EPDM version. The cloth inserted EPDM rubber comes in plain or cloth surface finish. EPDM sheet are offered with a range of supporting fabrics and alternative substrates:

  • Polyester reinforced EPDM sheeting;
  • Nylon reinforced EPDM sheeting;
  • Cotton reinforced EPDM sheeting; 
  • Rayon reinforced EPDM sheeting; 
  • Nomex reinforced EPDM sheeting; 
  • Kevlar reinforced EPDM sheeting;
  • Glass cloth reinforced EPDM sheeting;
  • Steel or other metal mesh reinforced EPDM sheeting;