Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate

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Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate

The phenolic / epoxy glass cloth material is made of woven glass cloth and high-temperature phenolic or epoxy resin. It has great flexibility, compressive and impact strengths. 

All of the glass cloth laminate materials are characterised by very high strength properties, good temperature resistance and good dimensional stability. 

The core glass cloth base material and resin (epoxy,  phenolic, melamine, polyimide. or silicone) is dependent of the product application. The physical strength of the epoxy / phenolic laminated glass cloth,  its versatility of fabrication, including the excellent electrical properties make the phenolic glass cloth laminated products - rods and sheets very useful.

They are used as support components in a variety of mechanical and electrical applications. Glass cloth which is used in multiple layers in the phenolic glass cloth laminates is rated for flammability.

The phenolic / epoxy glass cloth rods and sheets are used in Electrical Machines and devices as insulating construction parts. The most common use is at places requiring moisture resistance and insulation at the same time. The epoxy / phenolic glass cloth laminate is also Transformer oil resistant which makes it very useful in the power generation sphere.