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Fabrics / Knitted Fabrics

Our hightemp insulation materials and high temperature fabrics distinguish themselves through their high vibration and heat resistance, long service life and, in particular, their wear resistance.

Due to the high levels of heat emitted by industrial equipment, it is absolutely vital that it's very well insulated. When used in power plants, safety is always the first and foremost concern, which is why any insulation material used in these situations, has to be of excellent quality.

Thanks to their reliability and versatility, our high temperature cloths such as our ceramic cloth, glass cloth, aramide cloth, high temperature needle mats offer great resistance to very high temperatures.

The metal wire V4A reinforced fabrics, which has been specifically developed for insulating turbines, lend themselves extremely well for use as insulation materials in a range of different areas in power stations.

Our high temperature fabric materials and products come in a wide range of constructions and styles designed for fabricating insulation into all kinds of different parts and components, as well as heat shields and insulating sleeves.

Our materials cover all areas of application – try us!