Garage & Workshop Flooring

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Garage & Workshop Flooring

Garage Flooring - Garage MatsWe supply a wide range of garage and workshop flooring which may suit any automotive application. Our garage flooring solutions are easy to install and require almost no maintenance, which of course is great for you as a car mechanic, professional or automotive enthusiast.

We offer garage flooring from solid PVC which can be driven over and can handle the weight of a car or other vehicle. Our solutions for garage and workshop matting include flexible rubber mats as well, which assure great comfort and cushioning underfoot.

We only supply the highest quality garage flooring which means that your it is built to last as well as fit for purpose.

Almost all of our garage and workshop matting products are produced in different sizes, which gives you greater freedom over the area you want to cover.

We have a great deal of knowledge about which types of product are suitable for your applications and environments.

Our people are always available to make sure that you get the best garage flooring possible to suit your unique requirements.