Grass Matting

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Grass Matting

grass mattingThe grass matting can cover any terrain and is perfect for outdoor use including outdoor playground matting. Our rubber grass matting can be placed over your existing grass and functions as a cost effective safety surface. Usually the grass matting is used for protecting a natural environment.

This is an environmentally friendly solution for grassed areas and perfect for Fitness/fun trials, Playgrounds, Hotels, Multi-functional play frames and pathways.

The composition of the grass matting once laid, doesn't stop the grass from growing - this way the ground’s natural appearance is regained and the grass can be treated like it was. The structure of the grass matting provides an effective way of drainage suitable for any surface.

The water drains from the grass matting and it keeps flowing in the ground’s natural drainage routes, which consequently reduces the risk of flooding.

Our grass matting is also simple to install and requires very little preparation. No expensive work is needed like for standard rubber fall protection play tiles.

Our grass matting is one of the most durable and affordable forms of safety matting. Your safety is our aim. Please remember though, because of its low fall height, we would only recommend it for use for low level play.