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High Temperature Insulations

We are a leader in offering high temperature insulation solutions, made of high-performance insulation fibers and inorganic material. Our high temperature insulations are used in construction, aerospace, and fire protection applications at high temperatures.

Our aim, mission and values are focused on our dedication to producing top-quality high temperature insulation solutions which help our customers saving energy, reducing pollution and improving fire safety.

Our family of high temperature insulations includes technical textiles, high temperature ceramic wool, insulation needlemats, ceramic fiber boards, vermiculite products. We offer a wide range of sizes of high temperature woven tapes, ropes, cords, packings, insulation sleeves and many more.

Our extensive and innovative finishing, coating and lamination solutions are the result of extensive research and product development work that has put us at the forefront of the industry. We can offer custom made products as insulation jackets, 3d moulded components and any tupe of custom-made fabric solutions.

This means that our high temperature insulation products, which are designed for temperature ranges from 350°C to around 1.600°C, are solutions you can really trust.