High Temperature Needle Mats

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High Temperature Needle Mats

We offer wide range of high temperature glass fiber, ceramic, fiber, calcium-silicate insulation needle mats. The temperature range and the resistance of the needlemats varies between 500C  up to 1600 С. 

Our high temperature needle mats are used as THERMAL INSULATION in lot of INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS and as a ACOUSTIC SOLUTION.

For the insulation market, Needele mats are excellent non-woven products made of three different types of glass: E-glass 600 ° C, HR-glass 800 ° C and SiO2-glass 1000+ ° C. Each type of glass provides its own special qualities.

Glass fiber mats are environmentally friendly, recyclable and non-combustible and meet DIN 4102 requirements.

Certification: Silica needled mats are accredited in compliance with the 2014/90/EU MED Directive and can be used in shipbuilding.

You can review our detailed brochure about high temprature insulations.