High Temperature Silicone Sheets

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High Temperature Silicone Sheeting

This high temperature resistant silicone material is ideal for use in applications that require parts to function in extreme temperature conditions. Premium silicone sheeting is meant for use as seal and gasket material for various commercial and industrial applications. Featuring a great level of resistance against various kinds of chemicals, this red colored silicone elastomer is available to consumers in a range of customized sizes.

Heat Resistant Material: Silicone is known for being the go-to rubber whenever a job requires the presence of extreme temperatures. Our red silicone sheet rubber has a great working temperature range that allows it to endure temperatures as high as 290° C. However, while this silicone sheeting can endure the rigors of harsh high temperatures, it can just as easily survive in temperatures that go below freezing. On the low end of the temperature scale, this Premium Grade silicone material can operate in environments as cold as -80° C.