NBR Rubber Diaphragm Sheeting

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NBR rubber Diaphragm sheeting

Fabric inserted Nitrile rubber is usually made of synthetic rubber NBR and reinforced with fabrics such as fiberglass, polyester, or rayon. These synthetic fabrics impart additional properties such as dimensional stability and strength. Fabric reinforced NBR gaskets with adhesive backings are also available.       

We can recommend the right cloth inserted rubber gasket material and fabric reinforcement for your application. Often, fabric that supports the NBR rubber with cloth insert contains materials such as:

Fiberglass fabric is an excellent choice for improved resistance to sun, mildew, and insect damage. Fabric supported rubber gaskets and diaphragms that contain polyester-reinforced materials have good electrical insulation properties and increased resistance to alkalis, acids, and solvents.

Polyester fabric as an insertion for the cloth reinforced NBR rubber is flammable, however, and not recommended for static sensitive conditions. For these applications, rayon fabric may be a better choice. As an experienced nitrile rubber supplier, we can help with a material selection also recommend precision die cutting or digital die-less cutting.   

We can supply NBR rubber with the insertion of Polyamide fabric also known as Nylon and with Aramide fibers - Nomex