PE300 - Polyethelene 300

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Polyethelene 300 / PE 300

Polyethylene 300 is a high density plastic, also known as HDPE or PE300, and has excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures up to -30ºC. Polyethylene 300 combines low coefficient of friction with its easy machining.

Polyethylene 300 / HDPE / PE 300 is widely used in automotive and industrial applications, as well as in the household, and is suitable for making tanks, silos, dump trucks and more.

Polyethylene 300 / HD-PE300 plastic can be supplied in customer's choice of color, filled with talc filler or electrically conductive material. We offer it in the all kind of stock shapes including: HDPE rods, HDPE sheets, PE 300 tubes and machined parts of polyethyelene 300.