Phenolic Cotton Cloth

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Phenolic Cotton Cloth

Phenolic Cotton Cloth

The phenolic cotton cloth products consist of phenolic resin which is in mixture with cotton fabricsPhenolic epoxy resin laminated cotton cloth are made of several layers which are compressed until they become a plate or rod.

The phenolic cotton cloth laminated products are easy to machine and work with less noise in comparison with their metal analogues in lot of gear and bearing-type applications. 

The phenolic cotton cloth laminates do not spark when struck, which makes them suitable for explosion-proof environments. 

The two main types - structural and electrical insulation phenolic cotton cloth rods and plates are also less abrasive compared to the fiberglass laminated options  - which makes them a great choice for wear resistant applications.

Phenolic cotton cloth composites can be used to machine lot of part types, including gears, pulleys, rollers, and guides. The structure of the phenolic cotton cloth products contains materials which enhance their moisture resistance and electrical insulation.

We offer phenolic cotton cloth laminated products in different mechanical and electrical grades in the form of rods and plates. You can order also offcuts or entire standard stock shapes - most of them are always on stock at our warehouse.