Polyamide-imide / PAI

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Polyamide-imide / PAI

Polyamideimides (PAI)  are amorphous thermoplastic high performance polymers, characterized with high thermal stability. PAI belongs to the group of thermoplastic polyimides. These polyimides are characterized by an unusually complex set of properties, with a large number of prominent figures.

They have high level of toughness, stiffness and creep resistance combined with low thermal expansion and stability of shape parts. The result of the modification by the addition of graphite or PTFE is a highly resistant to abrasion material with minimal friction resistance, which remains effective even in the dry run.

Polyamideimides (PAI) have a very high mechanical strength and hardness at low temperatures and under very high. Polyamideimides (PAI) have stability temperature of the mold and a glass transition temperature (+ 280 ° C).

The polymer will not change its properties even at the highest possible operating temperature, and the Polyamideimide parts will works flawlessly even under excessive heat.

Polyamide-imide / PAI is used for manufacturing of:

  • Moving parts, track rollers, bearings, gears, bearing washers (axial bearings) in the production of gearboxes, hydraulic controllers balls.
  • Bushings, vanes, seals, jacks and panels, electrical components and bushings, gears, plugs,
  • connectors, parts of pneumatic and hydraulic pumps, seals, valves, components for cryogenic technology,

  • housing, items furnaces conveyors, hydraulic valves, air grilles, security features

  • clutch seals bearing and sliding bearing portion.It can be glass-reinforced, high quality and stable.

  • PAI - polyamide-imide is used for runners, guide rollers for the paper in printers, copiers, office equipment.

  • Details plugs and test sockets for testing chips in the microelectronic industry, lamp holders.

    PAI is used in: