Polyvinyl chloride / PVC

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Polyvinyl chloride / PVC

PVC Sheets, PVC Rods &  PVC Tubes offer excellent corrosion and weather resistance. PVC is the most widely used member of the vinyl family.

Common applications include chemical processing tanks, valves, fittings & piping systems.  The PVC sheets and rodes have a high strength-to-weight ratio and is a good electrical and thermal insulator.

PVC sheets and rods are also self-extinguishing per UL flammability tests. PVC sheets and rods may be used to temperatures of 60°C.

The rigid PVC is available in form of sheets, rods, and tubing. For improved impact strength, consider Type 2 PVC. For Higher Temperature Performance, consider CPVC. 

Application Areas of the PVC sheets and rods include:

  • Chemical processing;
  • Semiconductor processing equipment;
  • Pollution control equipment;
  • Machined and fabricated parts;
  • Etching and plating tanks;
  • Scrubbers, hoods, ducts and other protective equipment;