PTFE Bushings

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Solid PTFE bushings are made of a low-friction material capable of withstanding huge temperature swings, making it great for lot of indutrial applications. 

PTFE's multifunctional properties allow it to be applied in diverse industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, thermal & nuclear power plants, trains, manufacturing machine tools, etc. Literally all kinds of industries demand PTFE & find new applications because of their special and exceptional characteristics.

PTFE bushings are made of material with robust properties such as chemical stiffness, outstanding environmental tolerance, superb electrical insulator properties, heat resistance, non-adhesive characteristics, very low friction coefficient.

However because it is highly flexible, under heavy loads, PTFE bushings can crawl and twist. This theoretical downside can be reduced by adding a filler to the virgin PTFE for the bushings to take advantage of the properties of both materials.

Physically, the bushings of pure PTFE are both highly flexible and extremely dense. Chemically, the base material for the PTFE bushings is highly unreactive and insoluble and is therefore non-toxic, providing additional advantages in situations such as hospitals, pharmacy (e.g. as a catheter coating), and food production.

Fillers can also offer additional properties to the Virgin PTFE, including good heat dissipation, increased mechanical strength or thermal conductivity.

We are a PTFE & PTFE Filled Grade producer, retailer, and distributor. We can offer OVER 500 grades of PTFE.

Glass filler for PTFE is the most common filler material, but for certain uses certain materials offer other specific advantages. Such substitutes include iron, graphite, bronze, stainless steel, molybdenum disulfide, copper, and polyimide.

We offer any diameters of virgin PTFE and filled PTFE bushings from stock.