PTFE Coated Glass Tapes

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PTFE Coated Glass Tapes

PTFE coated or skived tapes consist of extruded PTFE polymer also called Teflon, with a silicone or acrylic adhesive. The PTFE coated tapes offer great chemical resistance except to organic solvents.

Our high quality PTFE coated tapes are typically flatter than skived PTFE film tapes. The PTFE surface of the PTFE coated tape is easy-release and resistant to high temperatures.

The adhesive back of the PTFE coated tapes is offered in two options: 

  • Acrylic adhesive PTFE Tape: highly persistent adhesion at room temperature; able to withstand intermittent temperatures between -100° and 275°F (-73° and 135°C).
  • Silicone adhesive PTFE Tape: adheres readily to heated surfaces; repositionable without residue; able to tolerate constant ambient temperatures from -100° to 500°F (-73° to 260°C). This kind of adhesive back of the PTFE tape is used in applications where surfaces need to be protected from extreme temperatures.

There are lot of efficiency benefits of the PTFE coated or skived tape. PTFE has a very low friction coefficient, providing an exceptionally soft, non-stick texture to the non-adhesive side.

The PTFE coated tapes have as well high heat resistance, chemical inertia and exceptional hydrophobic and dielectric properties which make them the perfect solution for many industrial applications