PTFE Envelope Gaskets

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PTFE Envelope Gaskets

Are assembled and closed in an envelope of 100% pure PTFE and are used as seals on flanges, tanks, reactors and enamelled or vitrified surfaces. These gaskets can be produced in various shapes: ovals, circular, custom-made drawing, with corrugated ring and earth clips made of AISI 316 steel.

They consist of a casing, in P.T.F.E. 100% virgin, usually of thickness 0.5 mm. Open externally or internally, inside which are allogiate asbestos-free gasket material or reinforced graphite, or PTFE: bidirectional, giving, excellent resistance to acids, protecting the insert, leaving no residue on the body flange, has excellent dielectric characteristics and a low porosity. They can also be coupled always inside the casing, a corrugated ring of metal material to increase the sealing capacity in the most difficult conditions. The latter may in turn be provided with a special fin the grounding to discharge any static electricity.

PTFE envelope gaskets combine the low friction and chemical stability of PTFE with the mechanical strength of the gasket material. This provides the user with a gasket that can be used confidently with aggressive media which would attack many other materials. We can supply PTFE envelope gaskets to suit all flange types and sizes.


These seals are used in flanges, tanks, reactors, stainless steel and especially between enamel surfaces, providing excellent strength and mechanical seal. They are suitable for everything that is corrosive, so finding wide use in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries, Flanges, tanks, columns, glass lined reaction vessels, stainless steel reactors, smalted vessels.

Temperature resistance °С : -60 + 260 C

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