PTFE Glass Filled Rods

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PTFE Glass Filled Rods

PTFE 25% Glass Filled White Rod is a high performance, synthetic fluoropolymer with the glass fibre greatly improving characteristics including mechanical strength, wear resistance and compressive properties by as much as 40%.

The long term service temperature range of PTFE Rod is from -200°C to 260°C and has a short term maximum service temperature of 300°C.

These PTFE rods are reinforced with 25% glass fibres. The added glass fibre improves the wear properties and, to a minor degree, also the deformation strength under load while leaving substantially unchanged the electrical and chemical characteristics.

However, it is important to remember that glass, has a rather poor resistance against alkalis and is easily attacked by hydrofluoric acid. The coefficient of friction is also slightly increased.


Typical fields of application for PTFE glass filled rods include aerospace industries, electrical and electronic industries and automotive industries. PTFE Rod is a material well suited to billeting, precision grinding and CNC turning.

Similar materials available from us include: PTFE Virgin Extruded White Rods, Graphite filled or PTFE 25% Carbon Filled Black Rods.

If you have a requirement for machined or finished PTFE components please ask our team for more information.

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