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PTFE / Teflon Gaskets

PTFE  gaskets have great resistance to most mineral and organic chemicals such as acids, bases, and solvents, and can be used up to approximately 240°C. The teflon gaskets are good for use with petrol & oils and excellent choice for use with acids and alkalis.

The gaskets of PTFE have good ozone resitance and good impermeability to gases. The PTFE raw material for the gaskets has probably the best possible friction coefficient.

PTFE gaskets are generally used in the presence of aggressive chemicals. The PTFE gasket can be designed as a bore liner to shield pipe gaskets from the chemical attack. These are supplied to fit the bore size, and are known as PTFE envelopes.

Is PTFE gasket the Best option for My Application? If you are unsure as to which material is best for your application then you can consult our gasket material selector. Material specifications of the PTFE material can be downloaded from the PTFE sheets section in the Engineering Plastics part of the site.

We can cut your PTFE gaskets by request, exactly as per your specification. Both certification and traceable certification can be supplied with your PTFE gaskets, should it be required by you or your customer. Traceable certification for the PTFE gaskets cannot be retrospectively supplied on orders that have already been fulfilled.