PTFE Tubing

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PTFE Thin Wall Tubing

( Polytertafluoroethylene ) is the most common of the Fluoropolymer products. PTFE Tubing has the widest range of applications thanks to its high service temperature, superior chemical resistance and insulating properties.

With a clean smoothbore interior our teflon Thin Wall PTFE Tubing allows for a restriction free flow. 

PTFE Thin wall tubing has a low permeability to gases and liquids. PTFE is almost completely inert to chemical attack, but under special conditions, it can be affected by such substances as alkali metals and halogens.

PTFE Tubing is heat resistant to 260°C and is ETO (ethylene oxide) and autoclave sterilizable for repeated usage. Fluoropolymer tubing is considered a highly flexible tube but the properties of PTFE Tubing allow for it to have the best flex life out of the group.

Chemical And Heat Resistant Thin Wall Tubing

We offer high quality thin wall teflon tubing for industrial use. Made using the finest materials, our flexible Teflon tubing provides high resistance against chemicals and heat.