PVC Crystal Clear Vynil

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PVC Crystal clear vynil

Flat crystal clear PVC material on a roll is an effective solution for managing environments by creating comfort and micro climate. Standard crystal clear PVC is usually used to produce wind shields, strip curtains for doors and provides excellent clarity while offering a high level of flexibility, making it ideal for custom projects.

The transparent PVC Crystal clear vynil is Fire resistant, Uv resistant, Cold crack resistant, and Waterproof which makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor applications as it s designed for temperatures ranging between 0°C and 50°C

The PVC crystal clear foil is used for canopy's, umbrellas coverings, window replacement, boat  wind protection shields, cars, marque's, greenhouse or garden cloche/coldframe insulation, a replacement for glass panels or anything else you can think of where a clear see through solution is needed.

The crystal PVC material has many other uses including protecting shields against scratches. The material can be easily wiped clean. Our crystal clear PVC is soft and flexible, easy to cut and easy to work with!  The thickness of the crystal clear PVC rolls varies between 0.5 mm and 7 mm.

Our crystal clear standard PVC material on a roll is extremely versatile and makes up 90% of all PVC sold on the market today.