PVC Strip Curtains

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PVC Strip Curtains

Make your room safer, quieter and more energy efficient! Use PVC strip curtains in all places where doors are undesirable or impossible for your staff and equipment. The PVC strip curtains we offer are robust, flexible and reliable.

The PVC strip curtains have numerous applications and are an economical way to control unnecessary waste of energy. Our impressive range of PVC strip curtains and flexible transparent PVC vinyl will certainly be useful for your application and can easily reduce your costs.

In addition to allowing excellent microclimate control, PVC strip curtains improve the comfort of the work environment for people and are a good alternative to many heat and sound insulation materials. The PVC strip rolls serve for the manufacture of doors, room dividers, food preservation and others. The PVC strip rolls help keeping goods from spoilage, can be used as a protection during welding activities and many others. etc.

Part of the PVC curtains we offer include:

 PVC Strip Curtains - Standard  Anti-Insect PVC Strip rolls
PVC Strip Curtains for freezers and trucks  PVC Strip rolls - double ribbed - heavy duty
 Color and maring PVC Strip rolls  Welding Grade PVC strip rolls