Ribbed Rubber Matting

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Ribbed Matting

The ribbed rubber matting is a must when adverse weather hits. During this time keeping locations like entrances, walkways, and even hallways dry is next to impossible. But slippery surfaces are a hazard that should always be avoided.

A wet and slick floor can cause slips and falls. There is also a significant risk of injury being much worse. To prevent this danger, we offer ribbed rubber matting - it maintains safe walkways and provides excellent traction, even in high levels of moisture.

We offer ribbed rubber matting as a safety solution for high-risk environments. This corrugated rubber flooring increases the traction in slippery environments such as store entryways or walkways in any industrial buildings.

The rubber ribbed mat is designed to stand up abrasive environments and conditions. Installing a rubber ribbed mat is an easy way to add grip to any flooring surface. Ribbed rubber matting usually is installed in commercial doorways and storefronts, outdoor walkways, and other areas of heavy foot traffic.

Because of the high usage in these areas, there is a greater risk of slip-and-fall accidents. In the case of commercial locations, there could even lead to a liability issue in the event of an accident. To stop that happening, using a ribbed mat is a great idea, and our product made of corrugated rubber is the perfect choice.