Rubber Flooring for Paygrounds

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Rubber flooring for playgrounds

Safety is a critical issue for playground surfaces. Hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or soil are dangerous because a child’s head striking either can suffer brain damage, permanent disability, or even death. 

Gravel, sand, and wood chips offer more protection but they produce a lot of problems of their own requiring constant maintenance, sanitation risks, and a greater danger for eye injuries or accidental ingestion during play. 

The Rubber flooring for playgrounds that we offer is designed to take the shock of a child falling from a designated height.

This rubber flooring has a homogenous recycled & synthetic rubber construction that produces a resilient, durable, environmentally safety surface designed to reduce the risk of injury.

The playground rubber tiles are a type of flooring is available in several models & sizes supplied in a wide color range to suit any private or public environment. The rubber safety tiles are fully elastic, weatherproof, water permeable, frost-proof, durable, and slip-resistant. 

Our high-quality rubber safety tiles are a terrific alternative to these traditional surfaces. The playground safety rubber flooring is engineered to provide optimum shock attenuation and slip resistance thereby providing a safer surface. As well as being cost-effective, little maintenance is required and they are easily installed.