Rubber Grommets

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Rubber Grommets

Rubber GrometsWe can manufacture custom made rubber grommet solutions which are suitable for any customer specifications. Our rubber grommets can be used in different industries like the automotive, medical, plumbing, food / beverage as well as general industrial segments.

For electronics applications, rubber grommets are useful when a wire or pipe has to go through metal or other material that can cause damage to it. More generally using our custom made rubber gromets, any type of cables are secured from sharp edges and corners.

We also produce as well Mil-Spec rubber grommets for military applications, impact mount rubber grommets to protect parts from noise & vibration, and other specialized grommets. Using our custom made rubber grommet inserter devices, grommets can be forced into place.

Example applications include:

  • Wire pass through grommets
  • Vibration Dampening / Mount Assemblies
  • Sealing rubber gromets
  • Finishing Components
  • Insulation rubber gromets
  • Spacer rubber gromets