Rubber Roller Covering

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Rubber Roller Covering

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We can manufacture rubber roller covering up to 6,000 mm in length and 1,100 mm in diameter with our advanced machines, meeting the requirements of almost any project.

The rubber rollers can be rotated, grounded and supplied with a profile if desired. For many uses in different industries, we offer differnet types of covers and plates. For example take rollers, peel rolls, axial rolls,.

For any kind of manufacturing processes and conveyor belts we offer rubber covering of push rollers, pulleys, rollers. We also manufacture rubber-covered rolls for the food industry according to FDA specifications.

new rubber surface for old rollers can also be produced in addition to the production of new rubber rollers using roller rubber covering. After the metal is sandblasted, the damaged rubber surface is stripped from the sheet. Then a new layer of rubber is added to the (vulcanized) steel surface. This saves the cost of acquiring an entirely new roller.

We sell rubber wheels and rollers to a variety of industries like automotive, aerospace, maritime, food & beverages and manufacturing.