Screen Cleaning Balls

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Screen Cleaning Balls

Screen Cleaning Rubber BallsFor any production line in the sifting industry, blinking and build-up on vibrating screen can be a disturbing sight. It is the cause of unnecessary downtime and a reduction in the number of production.

We offer a solution to improve this - screen cleaning rubber balls - they can turn the production process to a process without blinding.

A wide range of compounds for the screen cleaning rubber balls is offered to suit your needs. In any production line, washing balls are the best way to clean sieves or meshes.

The array of formulations for these rubber balls we offer means that we can provide a solution for almost any particular industry.

Deblinding screen cleaning rubber balls can be made on order and in any shape. Normal development involves screen cleaning balls made of parallellepipedum and special balls made of eggs.

Such screen cleaning rubber balls have an irregular form and therefore will move randomly to hit regions in the mesh that ordinary circular balls may fail to get.