Silica fabric

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Silica fabric

Silica cloth is made with silica yarns. The silica yarns are made of continuous glass fibres with a diameter of 6 μm and over, and with an additional treatment to increase the overall proportion of SiO2 to over 94%.

The silica cloth is used as a reinforcement for composite materials, and as an acoustic, thermal, hydraulic and electrical cable protection insulator. Under normal conditions it has good chemical stability.

The glass fibre additives decompose at temperatures over 200°C. The substances, or compounds, protect the surface of the glass fibres from damage that may occur during transfer and improve the technical properties requested by the user. The silicate fabric is compliant with the REACH directive.


Silica fabric is used in the form of: insulation of hightemperature furnaces and turbines, covers to protect against metal splash and sparks, furnace curtains, blankets for removable lagging, sleeves for piping, compensators.