Spiral Wound Gaskets

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Spiral Wound Gaskets
are manufactured by spirally winding a V-shaped metal strip and a strip of non-metallic filler material (graphite, PTFE, mica...).

Due to their structure these spiral wound gaskets are used in the high-pressure area and under critical operating conditions. They are highly suitable for the sealing of flanged joints with high changes in temperature and pressure and have a good recovery behaviour.

Spiral wound gaskets can be strengthened by ancentering ring and/or inner ring. Our standard production program comprises a range of spiral wound gaskets with inner diameters of 20 to 3500 mm and a nominal thickness of 3.2mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm and 7.2mm. Spiral wound gaskets of non-standard dimensions and shapes, and larger diameters are available on request.

Our spiral wound gaskets can be delivered in different options - spiral wound gasket with inner ring, with outer ring, with inner and outer ring and spiral part only.