Sponge Silicone Sheeting

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Sponge silicone sheeting

Sponge SIlicone Sheets

Silicone Sponge Sheets from are the lightest high-consistency closed cell silicone rubber sheeting material on the market. The sponge silicone sheeting contains truly closed cells, as determined by the stringent ASTM-D-1056 water absorption under vacuum method, eliminating wicking.

The formulation and construction of these sheets allows for continuous operation of materials over a wide temperature range of -65° to +210°C, with outstanding recovery after compression.

The sponge silicone sheets can be skived from buns and supplied in different thicknesses, or skived into sheets using a customer’s own equipment.

There are three available ASTM-D-1056 hardness versions of the standard sheet, including one with the necessary enhanced fire retardant additives to meet UL94 V-0 specifications, and a second version with fluorosilicone sponge properties, meeting the requirements of AMS 3323.

We offer various degrees of sponge silicone sheets - including fire retardant sponge silicone, food safe sponge silicone, high temperature sponge silicone sheets, metal detectable sponge silicone and many more.

With all these and other available options, silicone foam rubber sponge sheets cover a wide range of demanding physical, temperature, and chemical environments.