Stable & Agricultural Matting

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Stable & Agricultural Matting

Stable and Agricultural matting

We supply a wide range of rubber matting products to the equine and agricultural sector. Rubber stable flooring and matting and cow matting gives lot of benefits to animal welfare and you can make good savings using it in the agricultural sector.

Rubber matting for stables prevents health problems often met while caring for the animals. This stable matting provides a soft, anti-fatigue surface for  areas where animals live, cubicles and walking areas.

Rubber grass mats & gate way mats for stables and agricutltural use can help prevent against muddy walkways getting too boggy. We offer Anti-slip matting for the stables and public areas as well. Some of our stable and agricultural matting products include:

Stable Matting | Cow Comfort Mats | Rubber Walkway Flooring | Animal Ramp & Transport Matting | Drainable Wash Bay Matting

The great cushioning properties which our stable matting and flooring provide offer good insulation and protect your horses, cows or other livestock. This means that about 80% less traditional bedding is required and minimizes expenditures.

Usually our stable and agricultural matting is used with its main purpose,  but these mats are also ideal and for commercial and personal gyms. This Rubber matting offers a good sound insulation which is particularly crucial in built up areas.