Virgin PTFE Rods


Virgin PTFE Rods (Extruded)

PTFE rod has excellent resistance to most chemicals and solvents and is capable of operating at high and low temperatures - up to 260°C. The PTFE rods also have a very low coefficient of friction and are commonly used in food contact applications. Rods of PTFE provides good thermal stability and has good electrical properties, but are not suitable for wear application and is difficult to bond.


  • Extremely high chemical resistance
  • Wide temperature range - maximum service temperature 260°C 
  • Low friction and low adhesion
  • Resistant to Radiation
  • Excellent dielectric performance


The largest PTFE rods supplied have a size tolerance of ±5 mm. For applications requiring an exact diameter and roundness, we recommend grounded or calibrated rod. This PTFE rod is processed after extrusion so desired diameter and roundness are guaranteed.


Slide bearings, insulators and rollers, gaskets


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