Woven Friction Lining

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Woven Friction Lining

Woven Friction Lining

Woven friction brake lining are made of reinforced ceramic, aramid or glass yarns and impregnated with a high quality composition of natural and synthetic resins. 

Special multi-layered weave prevents delamination of the tape under high stress during braking. Our woven friction lining is a woven product, asbestos-free friction lining with or without wire inserts.

The woven brake lining is suitable for light to heavy duty applications, such as as all kind of industrial high-performance applications:




 harbour and shipborne cranes and elevators, steelwork overhead cranes or industrial eccentric presses

 drum brakes

 equipment which requires high reliability and braking efficiency

 hoisting machines in mine shaft hoists,

 stacking machines, stripping shovels and quarrying excavators

The flexible woven friction lining material is characterised by its high friction coefficient, fantastic braking properties and its amazing ability to return to its friction coefficient when subject to high-stress conditions.

Our woven friction lining tapes are oil-resistant and therefore able to be used in applications operated with oil, albeit with a lower friction coefficient than when used in dry applications.

  • woven friction lining with (Zinc) Wire Inclusion
  • friction lining woven from brass wire, reinforced with brass wire
  • woven cotton friction lining Cotton Non Metallic
  • woven Brake tape made of aramid and glass yarns reinforced with copper wire
  • woven friction lining made of copper insert and aramid yarns